Canopies and Horsdevours

Spring rolls         Vo lau vonts       Spinach & Feta Puffs         Party Pies        Cherrio's

Dim Sims           Meat Balls GF    Cocktail Sausage rolls         Lamb pies         Cheese & Kabanna

Sushi rolls GF      Pizza Puffs        Cocktail Quiches              Fish bites          Assorted Filled Crackers

Coconut Prawns     Aracini Balls       Chicken Wings GF            Chicken Legs GF    Club Sandwiches

Oysters kilpatrick*    Rosties             Chicken Kebabs GF          Vege Sticks GF     Cheese Balls GF

Prawn Cutlets       Thai Fish Cakes    Devils on horse back GF      Brochette           Hot Cheese Cob loaves

Pulled Beef Sliders   Pulled Pork Sliders     Garlic Bread            Antipasto platter     Dips & Jatz


                    * extra cost involved      GF Gluten Free  


Pumpkin Soup GF            Prawn Cocktails Gf        Sata Kebabs Gf    Chicken Crepes     Garlic Bread

Chicken & Corn Soup Gf      Caesar Salad   Gf        Beef Stroganoff    Vol au vont       Chicken Fettuccine

Potato & Leek Soup GF      Thai Beef Salad  Gf      Chicken Al king     Lasagna          Knocci          

Tom yum Soup   Gf         Vegetable Soup   Gf       Seafood Basket      Grilled Seafood Baskets  GF


Roast Beef              Crumbed Fish         Lasagna             Pork Ribs             Corn Beef

Roast Lamb             Grilled Fish          Pasta bake           Rib fillet*             Chicken Wings

Roast Chicken           Thai Fish Cakes      Beef Stroganoff       Eye Fillet*            Chicken Fillet 

Roast Pork              Salmon fillets*       Chicken Fettuccine     Meat Balls           Chicken Kebabs

Baked Ham             Paella               Massaman Curry      Thai green Curry     Curried Meat Balls

Chicken Caesar Salad    Fried Rice            Chicken Risotto        Chicken & Cashew Curry

Thai Beef Salad         Lamb & Cous Cous   Moroccan Chicken & Cous Cous Salad     Garlic Prawn Stirfry

Beef Stir fry            Sweet & Sour Pork  or Chicken.           Chicken Caesar Pasta salad    

Roasted Duck in Citrus Sauce*                 Buffalo Wings

Vegetables, vegetarian Dishes and Salads  

Roast Potato''s         Potato Bake           Potato Salad          Green Salad        Mushroom Risotto

Roast Pumpkin         Pumpkin Bake         Pumpkin & Balsamic Salad                 Fried Rice Vegetarian

Roasted Sweet Potato   Mixed Vege Bake       Caesar salad           Greek Salad        Rice Salad

Roasted Onions         Mixed Butter Greens    Pasta Salad           Waldorf Salad      Stir Fry Vegetables

Honey Carrots         Cauliflower Au-gratin   Mexican Pasta         Seafood Pasta      Seafood Salad

Almond Beans         Broccoli Au-gratin      Egg Salad             Coleslaw           Curried Pasta Salad

Warm Potato salad with olives.                Sun-dried & Feta Salad                  Zucchini Boats

Sauces and gravy

Brown gravy          Mushrooms Sauce       Mayonnaise          Vinegar dressing      French Dressing

Chicken Gravy        Mustard gravy(Robert)   Balsamic Mayo       Italian Dressing      Thai Dressing

Beef Gravy           Hollandaise             Bearnaise 


Mini Pavlova         Baked Cheese Cake               Sticky Date Pudding      Lemon Merange Pie   

Trifle               Strawberry Cheese Cake           Chocolate Pudding         Custard Pies

Fresh Fruit Salad    Cookies & Cream Cheese Cakes     Butterscotch Pudding      Fruit Salad Pies

Cream Puffs         Tiramisu Cheese cake             Tiramisu Cake             Citrus Tarts

Mud Cakes          Black forest Cakes                Strawberry Gateau       Apple Pies

Apple Crumble       Bread & Butter Pudding          Plum Pudding            Apricot Pie

Ice Cream & Custard                                 Coconut Rice Pudding      Chocolate Mousse

Caramel Tarts

Luncheon, Morning and Afternoon Tea items.

Scones with fresh cream        Cheese and Crackers     Cocktail sausage rolls         Cocktail Quiches

Piklets with banana & Maple syrup                    Cocktail Pies                 Chicken Legs

Carrot cake with Cheese cake Icing                      Fresh Fruit                  Quiches assorted

Fruit Cake                    Date Cake              Dips & Vege sticks     

Assorted Sandwiches           Club Sandwiches        Chicken Caesar Wraps         Thai Beef Wraps

Assorted Salad wraps         Salad Rolls             Hot Roast Rolls & gravy. 

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